Spinach Bread

From: Pat Kuzmak, Youth Centre, 1978




o        2 pounds bread dough

o        6 packages frozen spinach (or broccoli)

o        2 pounds hot Italian sausage

o        About 6 cloves garlic chopped

o        salt & pepper to taste


To Prepare…


1.       Cook spinach/broccoli; drain well.

2.       Brown sausage and garlic.

3.       Mix everything together and brown everything for a few minutes in the frying pan.

4.       Roll out 1 pound of dough and place on cookie sheet.

5.       Place mixture on dough.

6.       Place other rolled out dough on top.

7.       Pinch dough so that filling will not come out.

8.       Bake in oven at 400 degrees until brown.



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