Pennsylvania Dutch “Polish Noodles & Cabbage”

From: I’m not sure (Did Grandma give this recipe to Mom?)




o        1 pound hot or sweet sausage (links)

o        1 medium head of cabbage

o        ˝ cup water

o        6 quarts of boiling water

o        2 8-ounce packages Pennsylvania Dutch Kluski (egg noodles)

o        salt and pepper to taste


To Prepare…


1.       Cook sausage in skillet until well browned

2.       Drain and save 4 tablespoons of drippings

3.       Add drippings, ˝ cup water and shredded cabbage to sausage

4.       Cover and steam 15 minutes

5.       Meanwhile, add Kluski noodles to 6 quarts rapidly boiling water

6.       Stir frequently and cook uncovered at a rolling boil for 20 minutes; drain in colander

7.       Add cooked noodles to cabbage mixture and mix lightly

8.       Salt and pepper to taste

9.       Bake in long, buttered, COVERED casserole dish in 350 degree oven approximately 30 minutes


Notes: Makes 6 servings



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