Lemon & Wine Sauced Fish

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o        4 large flounder fish filets

o        salt & pepper

o        1/3 cup Minute Maid 100% Pure Lemon Juice

o        ˝ cup dry white wine

o        ˝ cup chicken broth

o        ˝ cup sliced onion

o        ˝ cup celery

o        3 tablespoons butter

o        3 tablespoons flour


To Prepare…


1.       Sprinkle fish with salt & pepper

2.       Fold fillets in half and place into a large skillet

3.       Add remaining ingredients except butter and flour

4.       Cover and simmer gently for 20 to 25 minutes or until fish flakes easily

5.       Remove fish to a platter

6.       Mix butter and flour and add to pan juices and stir until thickened

7.       Season to taste with salt and pepper

8.       Pour over fish

9.       Sprinkle with paprika


Notes: Makes 4 servings



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