Bay Scallops

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o        1 ½ pounds bay scallops

o        4 tablespoons butter

o        4 tablespoons flour

o        1 cup milk

o        ¼ cup white wine

o        ¼ cup lemon juice

o        ½ cup minced onion

o        touch of garlic


To Prepare…


1.       Combine wine, lemon juice, onion, and garlic in a large bowl

2.       Put in scallops and let soak in wine mixture for 20 minutes

3.        Make a white sauce with butter, flour and milk

4.       Add the scallop & wine mixture to the white sauce

5.       Put into a greased glass casserole dish with cover

6.       Microwave 12 to 15 minutes on HIGH


Notes: Makes 3 to 4 servings

May put crushed Ritz crackers on top before cooking

Serve over rice


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