Notations Key & Clarifications


Artist/Group Discographies / Album Credits


A link to an artist's/group's discography on Wikipedia is provided with the following exceptions:

A Wikipedia page hasn't been created for the artist/group.

The artist/group sells their music on their own website. The link will take you to a list of their albums on their site. (i.e. Tom Callinan or Bob Jackson)


If either of the above situations changes, discography links will be added or changed.


Some discography links may be followed by an alternate name for an artist/group (i.e. Kaci Battaglia when the artist is known as "Kaci"). It may be that the artist/group went by more than one name. In any case, these variations are provided to show that they are all connected to the same artist/group.


Some listings may contain multiple discographies (i.e. Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers). This occurs when a solo artist is credited with tracks on an album, but we have yet to purchase any of that artist's solo albums. If the number of tracks the solo artist receives credit for is less than half of the total on the group's album, his/her discography will be relocated to its own listing if/when an album is bought and the album will remain under the group's listing.


Albums with multiple artists sharing equal credit for that album will appear under each artist's listing with credit given to their partner(s) in parenthesis following the album's title. (i.e. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman)


Album Availability


If a title is only available through the artist's/group's website, the link will take you to that site. A notation as such will also appear under the artist's/group's listing.


If a box set or multiple album title contains albums that can be bought individually, the title we have in our collection will be in bold font & linked to its specific listing on Discogs. Each individual album will then be listed below it in normal font & linked to the album's master listing on Discogs so you can choose which version, if there is more than one available, you want to buy.


If a title has no link, it is not available for purchase from Discogs.


If all else fails, we recommend sites such as Amazon, Decluttr or Medimops (for imports).


Album Formats & Categories


Notations will appear in parentheses following the album's title if an album is:


a "CD Set", a "Box Set", "Single", or an "EP"

"2 albums on 1 CD" and "2 (or more) albums in a Box Set"

o   "Christmas" or "Disney Parks"


If an album fits into multiple categories (e.g. an "Original Cast Recording" that is also a "Disney Parks" exclusive), it will be listed in both categories with the notation of other categories it appears under in parenthesis after the album's title. (i.e. Festival of the Lion King)


Last CD Added Date


Located at the bottom of each category and letter listing page, this indicates when a new CD was last added to that page. For a complete list of recent CD's added to the site, see the site's Main Page.